How Website Chameleon Outperforms Wordpress from the Backend

Date Posted: 11/03/14
Author: Website Chameleon Easily Update Your Website Without a Web Designer

Website Chameleon is the perfect choice for anyone who feels that SEO is important to their website. Search engines will typically visit every website at some time or another and will continue to revisit it from time to time for updates. As they do this, they will scan through all of the website's code to get the content of that site. The more sussicnt the code of a website the better and faster the scan process is.

With that being said, websites that are shorter and to the point with their code can be processed further. Typical websites created by Website Chameleon are 50-60% fewer lines of code than Wordpress websites which means that they will:

  • Load faster than Wordpress sites
  • Have cleaner code, which means they are more efficient with how the website gets rendered in browsers
  • Be easier to scan through the code to get the information it needs
  • Process the website for understanding the subject matter will be more accurate

With all of the competition on the web, any competitive advantage that you can give your website the better chances you will be found by your customers.

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