5 Great Tips for Writing Compelling Website Content

Date Posted: 08/13/14
Author: Maureen Kanwischer www.momentumbc.com

As a small business owner, you are probably responsible for creating all the content on your website. Many people choose to list everything your company offers to your prospective buyers and hope they read every word on the multiple pages of your site to find what they are looking for and then buy. Unfortunately, this is a lousy way to serve your customers and simply doesn’t work.

Below are 5 tips for creating the content on your site to make it compelling, informative, and welcoming for your customers.

  1. Less is More. Share the highlights of your products and services in writing. There is no value in spilling everything you know onto the pages of your website. Hit the main points that describe your company, products and services. If you must, link to other pages to provide all the necessary details. Be direct. Be succinct. You want your web pages to be visually welcoming, not so crammed with written information that if turns the visitor off.
  2. Benefits Baby! Make sure you write about your products and services in the format that appeals most to your customers. They don’t care what you do! They care about what you do FOR THEM! Read each line of the content on your site and make sure that it portrays the benefits of your products and services. How does it help them solve a problem, save money or save time?
  3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – but only if they are relevant. Photos, pictures, drawings, illustrations and diagrams area great ways to break up the written word on your site and allow the visitor to see exactly what you are offering. Make sure the pictures are relevant to the message you are conveying on that page.
  4. Table it. Insert a table to display lots of data, numbers or symbol-heavy content. If you have to portray a lot of information that is laden with numbers and symbols, lay that content out in a table - making it easy for your customers to read and digest the information. It is much easier to read columns of data than to read paragraphs full of numbers and symbols. Your content will be easy to understand, easy to find and easy to remember.
  5. Abort the Mission. Have you ever read a company’s mission statement on a website? Me either. Enough said.

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Mo Kanwischer

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