What are keywords and why are they important to SEO?

Date Posted: 08/21/14
Author: Website Chameleon Easily Update Your Website Without a Web Designer

As you may know, SEO or search engine optimization is a process where certain components are added to a website to help a search engine to understand the subject matter of a website easier. SEO may contain content that can be seen by visitors and coding that cannot be seen by visiting a website, but all are important to work together to help search engines to process any web page and get the jest of the website.

With that being said, SEO depends on strategically focused keyword phrases to help in making a website understandable. Keywords may consist of 3-6 word phrases that may be used be a someone who is searching for any information that would be present on the web. Some examples might be: "Golden house painting contractors" or "Golden house painters" or "residential paint contractor in Golden" for a company that is in Golden and they paint houses for a living.

How to Find Keywords

Keywords phrases should be used throughout your content. What I usually recommend is for you to brainstorm a list of keyword phrases that one might use to look for your website via search engines. Go crazy and don't hold back. It is a good idea to use words used in the industry, but don't forget to use laymen's terms too. Here are some more ideas of things to think about when you do a keyword brainstorm:

  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Product brand names
  • Product descriptions
  • Misspellings
  • Think of how your mother would search for your widget or service on the web
  • How do your clients think of you (you may be surprised that they name your service something different than what you do)
  • Location of your product/services provided
  • Use a thesaurus to find similar words to your products/services and information

Where to Put Keywords

Check your content to see if the words you used in your brainstorm above are in your content. If they are not specifically but rather an "implied" message, then go through and add your specific keywords. There is something called keyword density and what that is is the ratio of a keyword phrase as compared to the entire content of a page. Typically, keyword density for a particular keyword phrase should be from 7-15%. There are website that can calculate it for you. Google it and check your website for your most targeted keyword phrases to be sure your content meets that percentage. You will thank me later.

When you work with your web developer, give them your list of keywords. They should put them in a variety of meta tags to help your content give a solid message. If your web developer doesn't know how, find a new web developer.

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