How Website Chameleon™ Outperforms Wordpress

Date Posted: 08/11/14
Author: Website Chameleon Easily Update Your Website Without a Web Designer

Time and time again, I hear people complain that using Wordpress to update their website is frustrating and confusing. Although you may have the ability to make a variety of adjustments to your website, locating where to go in the administration area to make that change takes considerable time.  

Easy to Use Web Management System – Make Changes to your Website with Ease!
If you need to make chages to your website, we recommend  Website ChameleonTM.  Not only is updating web pages easy, the system is very simple and clear about what you are updating. It takes no time at all to know where to go to update any part of their website. Everything is explained in plain English so that you can understand the change you are about to make and how it affects that specific area of the website. Even though Website Chameleon  is simple, it is far from being simplistic. There are many features that assist website owners to do what they need to do. Some examples of the advanced capabilities are:

  • Creating new pages and placing pages on the menu or the sub menu and in any order
  • Creating landing pages
  • Password protected pages
  • HTML editor so you can see how the page will look before you save the changes
  • Preview page before you save
  • Activating and archiving pages for future use
  • Adding plug-ins so that the pre-made code is embedded and functional ???
  • Link and  forward web pages to another page
  • Personalizing the link name of any page
  • And more! For a full feature list, go to Features Page

As a website owner, you know that you must make changes to your site on a regular basis. For the majority of website owners, being able to quickly and easily update any web page without a web developer is an important time saver.  Website Chameleon is easy to use and makes the chore of updating your site pleasant, timely and easy for your business.  

Built-in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to getting your website to show up on the first page of a search – allowing your customers to find you!  

SEO is not builtin to Wordpress and thus,  must rely on plug-ins to be downloaded and configured. This makes for more confusing and frustrating times for anyone trying to update their website. And, all that extra code makes interpreting websites dreadfully slow or incorrect. What good is having a great website if it does not appear when customers are looking for your products and services?

Website Chameleon offers built-in SEO.. Each page has the option to update the commonly used meta tags (the words a search engine looks for in your website to match with the terms the user is looking for) and the option to add any extra ones that might help make SEO more effective.  Website Chameleon was developed with SEO in mind from people who know how SEO works. Not only are people impatient when it comes to waiting for a website to load, so are search engines. Website Chameleon’s built-in SEO is incredibly effective and doesn’t need all that extra code to deliver great results.   When your website is built on Website Chameleon, you’ll find it easy to manage all your website changes and be confident that your website is performing well with proper SEO delivering the results you want.

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