What is SEO?

Date Posted: 07/15/14
Author: Website Chameleon Easily Update Your Website Without a Web Designer

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a technical term for a process where by a webmaster will add a series of components to a website so that it can be better understood by search engines. The better a search engine can understand a website, the more accurately a search engine can match what someone is looking for compared with the available websites to choose. 

How do search engines find out what a website is about?

Every day, every hour, search engines have programs that go out on the internet to visit every website and every web page it can find. As it goes to each page, it reads the content, the meta data, and many other components and stores what it can understand about a website in it's database. Then, when someone does a search, the search engine goes through its index of websites (database) to pick just the right ones to best match what someone is searching. So, the better you can feed the search engines with targeted keywords through SEO practices, the better a website will place in the search results. 

So why would anyone care to have a website search engine optimized?

Because people want their information NOW! If they are searching for something you offer, it behooves you to SEO your website so they customers don't have to wade through hundreds of websites to find what they are looking for on your website. SEO helps your website float to the top of search results. Besides, of the billions of websites out there, only about half are optimized. Think about that, if you have an optimized website, but your competition does not, who has better chances of being found by their customers? After all, isn't that the entire reason you would want to have a website.... to be found by your customers?
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