How Can Code Fluff Hurt Your Website's SEO?

Date Posted: 09/19/14
Author: Website Chameleon Easily Update Your Website Without a Web Designer

What is code fluff?

Code fluff is excessive coding of a web page that is not efficient nor good practice, that makes comprehending the general content of a website difficult. 
In essence, it is when a web developer programs a web page with bad practices forcing the page to load slower and makes it harder for search engines to sift through it all to get to the real content. If that programmer had spent just a little time moving extraneous code into their separate files, hence shortening the page, it would be easier to be read and understood by search engines.

How Does Code Fluff Hurt Your Webiste's SEO

Code fluff makes reading a website page much harder because it has to decipher which is code and which is content. Cleaner code makes processing a page faster and more accurate so that a page can be ranked properly.
Typically search engines will visit all web pages at some time or another. When it does it will go line by line and parse code from content. With the content, it will save that information so that when someone searches for a particular topic it knows to pick up that site because it sees it as a match. If a search engine has to work too hard to understand, it could rank that page lower even if it could be the perfect fit for what someone is looking. So I ask you, why make it harder for a search engine to understand your site than it has to be?
Typically what I find is that the "formatting code", (code that tells how to display text fonts, colors, bold,etc) can be moved off the page and put into its own file saving hundreds of lines of code. Reducing code makes it easier for search engines to find the true content on the page. Also along those line unnecessary
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