Partner with Website Chameleon

How It Works

We do the hard work:

  • Create a custom website design
  • Add the content management system for the backend
  • Format the cascading style sheets
  • Install custom plug-in functions like
    • event listings
    • visitors can register for event
    • contact form
    • social media widgets
    • home page sliders / banners
    • blog posts
    • articles
    • frequently asked questions
    • reviews / testimonials
    • hover ad
    • mobile website
    • and much more!
  • Search Engine Optimization features
  • Professional content layout on each page (to get you started)

Then you or your client can do the easy part:

  • Update content 24x7
  • Add Landing Pages with custom URLs for online marketing purposes
  • Add Blog Posts to keep content updated and fresh
  • anything else you can think of!

We charge you a flat fee and you can charge your customers for the completed website with the content management system plus the value you add.


This is great for:

  • graphic designers
  • web writers
  • IT support service
  • marketers
  • social media managers
  • consultants


 Become a Partner today!

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