Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does Website Chameleon™ work? ››
We design a template for you that has your unique brand. We then attach our CMS system to your website and add your pages. The rest is in your hands.


What is SEO? Why do I care? ››

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a process by which strategically placed elements are added to a website that gives search engines easier readability of the subject matter of a site. When a search engine can understand a website easily, it can rank it higher meaning it will show it on page one of a search results page. Studies show that 70% of internet surfers only look on page one of results page, hence the reason to try to get your website ranked on page one.

Can you help me with adding the SEO to my site? ››

We can! We do offer keyword research and strategy as an additional. If you are interested, please contact us.

What are keywords? ››

Keywords are sets of 3-5 word phrases that are targeted and focused to match
closely to what a target market would use to type into a search engine to find a
website.  With the correct words used, the chances of the right potential
customers finding your website increases.

How does SEO help my me? ››

SEO, or search engine optimization, when done correctly will help allow search
engines like Google and Bing to present your website as one of the first options
after doing a search. Since most people only look on page one when doing a
search, then your site will be discovered, clicked on and done business with
that customer (assuming your website is easy to use, get information and/or
purchase products). 

Why is SEO important to a website? ››

SEO can mean the difference between many customers finding your website and
doing business with you to no one finding it. Just because you build a website
doesn't mean people will automatically see your website. It takes time, patience
and marketing as well as creating a website with proper SEO for it to be found easily. Then, if your message speaks the same language as the visitor will they want to do business with you. 

What makes good SEO? ››

Good SEO consists of an number of factors. To start, having good quality content
that helps educate the consumer is always preferred over site that just try to
sell something. Second, having good structure that was built without a lot of fluff will help make your website easier to read by search engines. Finally, taking advantage of specially coded tags (content that is in the backside of your website that you cannot see from a website and that uses your keywords in the programming of a website) that help explain your
website is a must.  

How long does it take SEO to work? ››

If you have just launched a website, don't expect to instantly become number one
over night. New domains and websites can see a "probationary period" of up to 6
months.  For existing websites, typically search engine optimization can take
anywhere from one week to four months to see rankings that are acceptable.  For
some industries where the market is saturated, it could take forever and other
marketing approaches must be done instead.

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