Additional Features To Add To Your Website

Event Listing - to list your events so that they are consistent

Event Registration - to allow your visitors to sign up to attend an event and pay for it

Job Posting - allow for a jobs list to be displayed that is consistent and easy for you to add

Glossary - a pre-formatted glossary list so it is easy to read

Secure Member Area - to only allow certain people to gain access to specific information

Member Control Panel and Content Area - update information for members only

Videos - allow for videos to be displayed within your content

Document Listing - update any number of document types including pdf, Word, Excel, Power Point files

Paypal Shopping Cart - easily add a shopping cart buttons to sell products online

Product Listing - list your products on a website

Hover Ads - when someone comes to your website, a box can be displayed over your content to grab attention

Reviews / Testimonials - allow visitors to add comments to your site that you can control to prevent spam

Mobile Website - a simpler version of your website perfect for smartphones

News Posting  - To show what is happening in your world.

More plugins are being invented each month!


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